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Lateral Transfer Hovermatt
Lateral Transfer Hovermatt

Lateral Transfer Hovermatt

The Hovermatt uses air to inflate the mattress and transfer or reposition the patient.This cushion of air is used to transfer patients anywhere in the healthcare facility. Its consistent use significantly lowers the risk of injury to workers and the cost of workers' compensation claims. Clients feel secure and confident while being transferred and repositioned using the HoverMatt®.

• CSA Approved 
• No weight limit 
• Durable construction 
• Usable with x-ray and MRI 
• Comfortable 
• Patented design cradles patients 
• Endorsed by JCAHO 
• Convenient and easy to use

Consistent, appropriate utilization of the HoverMatt® system produces Measurable, Bottom-line Results! Save money, and increase patient and employee satisfaction!

• Virtual Elimination of Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Injuries 
• Dramatic Decreases in Workers' Comp Costs 
• Increased Productivity 
• Increased Patient Comfort 
• Decreases in Patient Injuries from Transfers 
• Enhanced Patient Dignity and Security 
• Enhanced retention and recruitment

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